March 21, 2014

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This week is a week that I will put an asterisk in my calendar. So many things happened with work and Dean and I were faced with one of the biggest decisions we’ve ever had to make in our lives. We were faced with an issue and just when we were looking for the answer, something else came up that changed everything. It definitely has been a roller coaster week on top of being sick for a few days, but seriously the most amazing week we’ve ever had.

One thing it’s taught me; NEVER ACT ON IMPULSE.

And I realise actually, this can apply to everything in our lives. Not just in business, but also in our relationship with people, in controlling our emotions etc. Sometimes we can get so mad and want to say something, but I completely agree with holding back. Take a deep breath, put yourself out of the situation as someone looking in, think objectively and then act based on facts not emotions. Sometimes when I see people lashing out at other people publicly, I wonder do they wish they can undo it? It’s so much cooler to keep composed and not be overruled by emotions.

Whatever it is, give yourself time to think first before acting. Never rush. Never act on impulse. Things will then become so much clearer.

Have a good weekend, whatever your plans are. As for me, I’m sooo looking forward to a weekend of rest!

Wearing blazer (5 colours available) and inner top from FV BASICS and pants from Mizz Demeanor, at FashionValet.