tv boss

March 2, 2014


I don’t get the obsession with the TV remote. Not just remotes… phones, car keys, laptops, basically anything white and grey. We’ve spent so much buying toys for him, you name it; he’s got his own phone, own set of keys that go Beep Beep, own remote control that makes funny noises that he spoiled already with his saliva. All with the hope that he will leave our things alone. *cries*

And yet, that little boy still drops his toys at the sight of our phones.


The other day, we were watching TV and Daniel freaked out when we took away the remote. So fine… we gave him back the remote. Don’t you dare take out the batteries.. he will just know the difference. So there it was on our screen.. 2… 4… 1…. 5…. 8 the channel changed to some drama to some other drama to some mute button to some random settings page. And until now, I don’t know what happened at Kim K’s baby shower (Did Kanye show up in the end, did he not.. sigh..).

We left him for a few seconds and when we came back, this was written on screen.

“This channel is not available in The Philippines.”

Daniel just chuckled.

How on earth did he do that?!

We’re in Malaysia.