velvet sleeves

March 13, 2014

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One thing I love about carrying Indonesian brands on FV is that I get to see amazinggggg collections. Indonesia is full of talents and their rtw brands are really good examples to look up to. Somehow when you see each different brand, you will see a consistent loyalty to the brand core elements and every collection is cohesive and just simply makes sense. It’s not rojak here and there, they know what they want and they stick to it. And best of all, the prices are just unbeatable because of their cheaper labour and manufacturing costs. Reallyyyy want Malaysian designers to get there too one day, but to be completely honest, it’s not as easy for our local designers here (everything’s generally so expensive!) so kudos to them for what they have achieved now.

For Kaca Kassidy, this is one of the first Indonesian brands we signed from Day 1. They’re just so cool and their clothes are so wearable and unique in terms of prints. And this jacket that I’m wearing here… the sleeves are velvet. VELVET! It’s so soft and luxurious, yet I also felt so sporty in it. I paired it with these unique pants from our local favourite Mimpikita. I already have another look I want to achieve with these pants; involving a plain white fishtail shirt I saw that was on 50% off…. #girlswillbegirls #sigh.

Wearing a jacket from Kaca Kassidy, inner top from FV BASICS, pants from Mimpikita, all FashionValet. Sling bag from Saint Laurent, scarf and inner from dUCk.