back alley

April 27, 2014

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When I expressed my interest in this fully leather studded sling bag, my assistant laughed so hard totally insulting me. I already pictured me wearing a long shirt, some boyfriend jeans, heels and wearing this bag as a big clutch.

Then she rudely cut my outfit-daydream off.

“Please!! You’re not cool enough to pull off this look.”

*jaw drops dramatically*


I chose to style it in a rough-ish back alley, so rebellious (bag’s name is Rebel) risking my life running away from cars passing by. I mean, that’s bad-&^% ok. (I’m kidding please don’t try to replicate! I actually had someone I forced who loves me so much, he waited while I took these shots to warn me of passing cars).Β Ok so I might not be cool enough to join the street cool peeps, but maybe if I wore my leather pants they’d consider? Haha!

Either way, I love this outfit. So simple, so fuss-free, and the colours are fool-proof.

So homies… ‘Sup?

Hahaha that spells “soup”. Man, now I want some chicken soup.

Wearing a top with leather pockets from Mizz Demeanor (a basic top everyone should have, btw. It’s only RM 49!!), studded leather bag from Sarah Jayne, watch from Daniel WellingtonΒ and wedges from ShoesShoesShoes, from FashionValet. Scarf was a gift, sunnies from Tom Ford and pants from Zara.