car vs wife

April 28, 2014

It’s been raining heavily lately in KL. Which is sooo much better than having the haze, Alhamdulillah. But be prepared for heavy traffic and of course, getting wet!

Today, Dean was such a gentleman. Like a hero, he said, “You stay here, baby. I will go and get the car. You stay here, ok?” And he left me at the pavement of a shoplot while he runs to the parking lot across the road. In my heart, I went Awwww 7 years together and he still loves me more than anything.

I smiled to myself.

After a few minutes, Dean arrived like my knight in shining armor. I waited for him to come out with an umbrella, but after a few seconds of awkward waiting, I realised that was not going to happen. Oh no worries, was just like a few steps down. I walked hastily to the car (please, ladies don’t run pffttt), getting my whole outfit wet and feet drenched in the little puddle I accidentally stepped in. Aww man, my good shoes! In my head, I was thinking it could be worse, I mean, I could have worn suede which meant completely-ruined.

I stepped in to the car but my bag got stuck so I had to yank it in, which meant more time in the rain with an open car door. By the time I got in, I felt all icky and damp that I just needed a good wipe-down.

“Hi, baby!” I turned to Dean, cheerfully despite being wet.

Dean stared at his car door. Turned around and handed me a piece of cloth. “Here, can you wipe my car please? You got it wet,” as he pointed to the areas that were affected.


Oh no no please, don’t worry about me, baby! I’m totally fine!


Car – 1    Wife – 0