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April 28, 2014

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Look, no one’s perfect. Sometimes we have embarrassing days where we have pepper in between our teeth. Sometimes we sweat and have pit stains. Sometimes we accidentally let it slip and blame it on that guy from the next table. We may not be able to control these errr…. human issues.

But we can always try!

Another one of my pet peeves is bad breath. When you’re running in between meetings and events, you sometimes forget to eat or drink until your mouth gets so dry and you have breath that even your mom won’t kiss you with.

Situation 1: You have a box of mint you always carry around. You eat all of it and get super high on calories. Pop now, think diabetes later.

Situation 2: You forgot your box of mint and start blaming a colleague for stealing it. When actually, you know you actually finished it all after Situation 1.

I get super conscious when I talk to people, especially at fashion shows (have you seen how they squeeze in their audience, we’re talking can-see-your-pores level here…) and if I sense myself that I might have unpleasant breath, I will go and get a drink somewhere to quickly hydrate my tongue and palette. And I usually expect people to do the same with their own breaths. It’s not just about what people think of us, but naturally we feel more confident and the sun just shines brighter when we have good breath, you know? Let’s all work together to make this world a better place, one nice breath at a time.

Well I found a method to combat bad breath, that does not involve calorie intake. Good breath and keep slim. It’s ok, thank me later.

EF Pack 2D_1

Bad breath is caused by oral bacteria. Bad, bad bacteria. The logical way is to KILL THEM ALL. And who best to call? That guy in the tilted hat right there. Mr. Darlie.

Darlie Expert Fresh’s new toothpaste has a 12 hour protection against bad breath with their main ingredient; the Zinc Citrate Advanced Formula. It’s clinically proven to be successful to reduce oral bacteria. Number 1, they attack the oral bacteria. And number 2, they also form a protective shield to prevent bad breath. Kinda like Captain America, for our teeth!

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 12.20.26 AM

Taken from their app.

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