daniel’s playtime

April 25, 2014


Daniel’s a bit anti-social not so friendly with people so we decided to enroll him into play school where he can interact and make some friends with other babies.. who knows, they might grow up to be best buds! The first time he came for class, he hated it so much; crying everytime we put him down, he would refuse it. And he would cling to my pants and scrunch them up if I try to move backwards. He had snot coming down and his tears were just streaming down. And all that nice lady said was “Would you like to play with this yellow ball?”


A simple “No, thank you” would get the message across fine, Daniel.

He’s gone to more classes now and we make it a point not to miss any session because we want him to have that consistency. And thank God, now he doesn’t cry anymore. And he lovesssss the balls, the bubbles and climbing on things. Has a thing against slides though, not sure why.

The babies there come and go because they have an option to choose to come whenever, so most of the time I don’t know who Daniel’s going to be in a class with. But lately, he seems to be the star of the class! He would climb fast, he would crawl, he would catch the bubbles, he would stand on his own, he would sway side to side when he’s happy. And of course, Dean and I will be proud parents going we totally made that, well done us.

This week, I brought Daniel on my own because Dean had a meeting. That night at home, Dean asked me.

“So how was Daniel’s class?”

“It was ok. But there’s this new baby Lee. Lee is about Daniel’s age and he can do everythingggg. He laughs, he smiles at people, he climbs faster than Daniel, he’s bigger too. And the teacher was like Well done, Lee, Good job, Lee…. Lee this, Lee that. Lee is starting to annoy me. I miss that Kate baby who won’t stop crying, what ever happened to her?”


And that’s when I realised I am such an Asian parent!!!! No!! Ok no!! I refuse to put pressure on my child to do better than others. We should never compare children, and even if we don’t mean to do it because we’re human beings too, we should always keep our mouths shut.

After all, fine, that Lee kid was pretty cute. And he wanted to share a ball with Daniel. Lee’s alright…. I guess.