drawstring pants

April 22, 2014

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Drawstring pants are the pieces in your wardrobe that screams for attention. They’re super attention seekers. They want to be seen. The only way to wear them is to show the strings off, there’s no other way around the styling manual. Otherwise, you will have a bump sticking out from your tummy only to receive unwelcomed congratulatory comments.

So you know what that means.

Tuck. In. Blouse.

These casual pants are always a go-to for me on those lazy days. If only they were acceptable in the corporate world, every girl would live in them. All day err day. I wouldn’t recommend wearing drawstring pants to work because let’s be honest here.. they’re track bottoms with fancy material. Unless of course you work at FashionValet (I could’ve sworn someone came in with pyjama pants once and no one said a word…)

For these pants I wore here, the first thing I noticed was the print. The modern taste, the coolness of the geometry, the colour combination that kept it simple, and the super affordable price, I wouldn’t even mind if they didn’t fit right (Which they excelled in as well, thankfully). I did the front tuck for this not because I wanted to.. but because I stained the bottom of my top and had to hide it somewhere. Further proving my point that even nature is making me tuck in when wearing drawstring pants.

If you’re not into tucking in, you can also wear drawstring pants with a tucked in tank top underneath a long cardigan or a sharp blazer. Your boss will never notice you’re wearing fancy track bottoms to work. Have fun styling!

Wearing top from Ramune and pants from Sabs Store, both FashionValet. Scarf from dUCk, bag from Prada and flats from Chanel.