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April 16, 2014

I don’t post up media features here (you can check them on my insta), but this one was really special to me so I feel that it deserves a post.

It was with ma girl Mimak!

We’ve always been there for each other’s shoots to jump behind the photographer to make the other laugh and less nervous.. or simply to see that the other’s mascara isn’t running.. or really to menyibuk. Whatever it is, we’re there. So being in studios together is something normal.

But being together in front of the camera lens isn’t!

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I don’t know why we didn’t do it any sooner because it was so much fun!! We had each other as a prop and we laughed and laughed like we would normally do. There were some awkward look-into-each-others-eyes moments and where-do-I-put-my-other-hand moments, but we survived those.

The editor interviewed me on our friendship and how we met etc. When she asked me what my favourite memory of us was, I couldn’t answer. That’s crazy, we’re in each other’s lives all the time, to pick a favourite is impossible!

As a tribute to Toots, we brought our traditional birthday sombrero hats to the shoot and goofed around with the cameraman with them.

Unfortunately, the sombrero hats weren’t cool enough to be published.

But that’s ok, the bts pictures will forever be in our hearts (and phone memory…).

For the rest of the world, enjoy these goofy bffs! Haha.

Elle magazine, April issue.

elle april 2014 for blog

Me: Scarf from Tudung Sisters, sweater from RipCurl, pants from Zakwan Anuar, heels from Gatto, all FV

Asma’: Scarf from Tudung Sisters, sweater from Peter Pilotto for Target, pants from Zakwan Anuar, heels from Zara.