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April 5, 2014

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Have I told you I’ve been to the Oscars, guys?

Well, I have.

Not the Hollywood one with beautiful stars posing for the camera until another star comes and photographers forget all about the first one. I went to an even better one….

The Travel Oscars!


We ditched our gowns for this, and just came as ourselves because we had to do things like these;


Getting massaged…


Bending over our chairs… (you’ll soon find out why).

Expedia had an award ceremony and appreciation night to show their love for their partners who were especially engaging and committed to Expedia.


There was an award for Best Hotel, for Most Engaging Hotel, for Best Content, all sorts of awards! The kiasu in me kind of wished I had a hotel so I could win some prizes. Teehee.

The best part was that as the leading online travel company, they shared all sorts of information and experience about online booking and how to better your ratings online with better content and more engagement. The Expedia leaders gave their interesting speeches and of course, the highlight of the night was Kathleen Tan! Was awesome hearing her story.


Oh wait no actually… the even bigger highlight was THIS.


Yeah I know… I was scared seeing it too. Haha. But it is actually a Vacationiser that reads your mind on where you want to go for a holiday. So cool right?!

I still think it’s secretly a transporter.

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 2.49.55 PM

Wearing yellow blazer (RM 89) from FV BASICS.

Ok so you wanna know why Audrey, Wei Zhi and I were acting so unbecoming and terkangkang at the Travel Oscars?

We had a good reason, I promise!

Expedia was giving away free hotels and free tickets to guests!!!! Like loadssss of them. And we were checking under out seats in case we got lucky.

There was also a grand prize, which was a round trip to Japan.

Guess which lucky cow won that one?

Drumroll plsss….


Your girl, me!!!!!!!!!!


AMAGADDDD I told Dean about it and his first response was “Don’t bluff. It’s not funny. Japan is not funny.” Haha.

Seeeee, this is what Expedia does to people. Make them happy with good deals and good packages! (Or in my case, a free trip. Bahahaha #dontjealous)

Follow them so you will never miss out on good news! They’ve got Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

They also have an Expedia mobile app where more exclusive deals will be offered. Since we’re on our phones most of the time instead of our laptops, MUST DOWNLOAD. So we’ll always get news right away. #kiasu


Over 5 million downloads!


The homescreen. So we can choose whether to book flights or book hotels.


I searched for London-KL and the results came out filtered by price! So I know what the best deals out there are.


Then I searched London hotels and I loved that they had pictures so I know exactly how they look.


Can always change your search filter to suit your preference.

Don’t you just love that we can do everything on the go? And being a platform to check out a lot of flight and hotel deals at once, we’ll be sure to get the best deals when we travel!

Expedia is way too cool.

In the meantime, I’m going to brush up on my Japanese.

Watashiwa Vivy des… Watashiwa very excited to go to Japan… des.