extra tlc please

April 30, 2014

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I cried yesterday.

Just because Dean didn’t separate the whites and colours when he put his dirty laundry in the baskets I’ve prepared at home.

And then I turned on the TV and Kardashians was playing.. the episode where Kanye proposed with the whole orchestra and all.

So I cried again.

Then I decided I needed ice cream. Without realizing, I finished half of the tub of my favourite coffee ice cream. So I felt crappy about myself for eating that much.

So I cried some more.

Dean came out into the living room and watched me lick my spoon in shock. I looked up at him…..“You think I’m fat too?” (He went back into the room).

As expected, my red aunty came to pay a visit. You know what, screw that. I’m going to say it like an adult. I GOT MY PERIOD.

There! Aunties la, fairies la, what la, nothing pretty about those visits ok!

Sorry I’m still moody.

Anyway, even though we women get them for years already, it doesn’t change the fact that periods are uncomfortable especially in the first 2 or 3 days. You feel icky, you always have to check your bum for stains and on top of that, you still have to carry on with work and meetings as usual.

(Women are superheroes, *flips hair.. eh tudung* )

I don’t know how our ancestors did it with leaves and whatnot, but I thank God for the existence of pads. Good ones, of course.

Whisper Cottony Clean

Whisper has come up with their new range of pads, the Cottony Clean. Sounds so comfortable, I immediately imagined me in the air hopping from cloud to cloud. With the blue lock core, it locks in fluid for all sides and it has a soft, cotton top sheet that’s gentle to the skin. So it acts dually; it protects from leakage and it gives you comfort throughout the day.

So now, we gave 2 to choose from; Whisper Ultra (high absorbency) or Whisper Cottony Clean (comfort and soft).

In this fragile extra-TLC-needed time of the month, I’m going to go for the latter. Try it for yourself!