faded palette

April 19, 2014


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I definitely am a shopaholic anywhere you put me. FV, Zara, the magazine store down the street, 7-Eleven, I will come out of anywhere with a bag full of things. I bet if you put me in a hardware store, I will find some cool things I want. Purchase now, think worry later. I really should be a personal shopper for people, sigh.*facepalm* Wait… That would be suchhhh a cool job!! *lightbulb moment*

I went into Zara the other day and I knew I was going to regret it. Came out with a huge bag of clothes and walked the walk of shame to the car. No. Self. Control.

But like I told Dean… DontworrybabyIwillwearthemeverydaytheygowitheverythingtheyaresoamazing…

So yes, Day 1 of these jeans.

I wanted to keep the colour palette light and faded, so I chose a cream-coloured peplum jacket (can’t help it, hate or love peplums, they flatter women…). I wore the jacket as a top, though since I was rushing and couldn’t find my favourite inner top. Just zip upwards and out the door I went. People thought this jacket was Chanel. It was rude to disappoint them so I played along.

Wearing tweed jacket from KITSCHEN (sizes XS to XL) at FashionValet. Jeans from Zara, scarf from dUCk, heels from Saint Laurent.Β