feeling sporty

April 28, 2014

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Winter might be over for people (never started here and never will), but this sweater trend is one I will wear forever. I just love how comfortable it is and how the sporty trend has now been updated for it to look presentable and chic too. Sweatpants to work? No problem! Just add on a pair of heels. Sweaters to work? No problem! Just pair them with slim pants. Sneakers to work? No problem! Just make sure they’re Isabel Marant. (Bahahah joking, but wouldn’t hurt if they were, though…).  The key is to not wear them altogether at the same time.

I guess it makes up for the guilt that I don’t exercise ever. Just wearing sporty clothes make me feel better.

Sweaters for President!

Wearing a sweater from Capital T (sizes S to L) from FashionValet.