daniel’s first step

April 4, 2014

Everybody please stop what they’re doing now.


Even you, Daniel.

I need to show off my son today, please.

Ahh Daniel.. he’s become so big now and he’s so curious about everything. He’s still not super friendly to anyone, but he is so penyibuk he will want to check you out and listen to your conversations. He is definitely more of an observer. Not the cool and discrete observer… he opens his mouth and stares at you. Not suave, this guy.

He turns 9 months in 4 days, and he can now say Mama!! Well his exact words are Mamamamamamamama and he says that to anyone. But I know that just means he is thinking of me even when he sees other people. Too sweet, my boy.

He can also stand on his own and the other day he took his first ever step! His nanny said he took it before.. pfftt burst my bubble, whatevs you’re fired.

So the story we’re going with is that he took his first step last week. In the presence of both his parents. Highlight of my week, I couldn’t stop kissing him after.

*jumps for joy*

We are scheduling him to walk by mid this month, we told Daniel already. He gave us mouth farts in return, which obviously means Ok, Mommy and Daddy.

Next, I’m going to share his eating habits. Mashed carrots and peas. Yummmm.