from paris to kl

April 17, 2014

Asma’ left for Paris for 2 weeks and I kept whining about it to her. It was her first time leaving me for that long, and until you have me as a friend, you won’t know what clingy is. She whatsapped me pictures everyday until I considered crashing her trip just so I can ootd by the Parisian streets and buildings. I would go bonkers… there are nice walls and doors and backgrounds everywhere! She will be photoshopping me onto those backgrounds, somehow.

I was so happy she got back safely, without any annoying French accent. But… first thing she texted me was “How come here, it doesn’t look like this?” with this picture:



I give you permission to slap her.

I rushed to see her after she said she bought me Laduree macarons because I missed her just a little bit. Not a lot. Pfttt please, I’m still cool.

We had some yummy skewers and enjoyed the view of well… big longkangs and stray cats. Ahhh, home sweet home. Hehe. I got to hear her Paris stories, see her Paris pictures and I immediately started teaching myself French in my head (well… sounds like French therefore must be French.. can cincai one, right?). Need to go there again one day, Insyaallah!

For now, I’ll just ootd by grills and stuff. Hehe.

a b c d e f g h

Love this picture of the bags hanging out together.

Next stop, a visit to Toots’ office. She practically lives there now, it’s so hard to get AVA time these days! Grrrr. The only way is for Asma’ and I to go there and Toots suddenly having “a really long toilet break.”

Wearing a cardigan from Noona and super comfy palazzo pants from nichii, both FashionValet. Have you guys seen the FV new arrivals recently? I swear I’m not being biased but there are soooo many nice things all at once from various brands, I don’t even know where to begin.