green with envy

April 20, 2014



DSC_5589 DSC_5594


I’ve always been slightly bitterjealous…. ok, downright not satisfied with those tall girls (let’s call them height-hoggers) who can pull off aladdin pants. They are so not flattering, literally a big lump of cloth that is designed to be puffy, but dang it they look really comfortable and cool.

Well, today I found the perfect pair of aladdin pants that are not too puffy and have a bit of design shape where it comes together at the knee to cut off the all-over fat illusion. And there are cuffs at the bottom with zippers, so they hug you at the right places… in case it’s really windy and those puffy pants just fly upwards… hey, you never know ok….

So yeah, take that, tall people!! Short people can wear puffy pants too hmmpphh.

Wearing pants from Cottonese (they have awesome basics!), from FashionValet. Headscarf from Louis Vuitton, shirt from Seelovemine, belt and shoes from Aldo, bag from Hermes.ย