little riding hood

April 18, 2014

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I was listening to Zee Avi’s Bitter Heart and the happy tune (ironic because the song is about a shady guy no?) made me think of this outfit. It was quite fun twirling around in this cape, something I probably won’t do in public, don’t worry. Felt a bit like little red riding hood in this. I love that it has buttons so you can open it up as a cardigan. It can even act as a simple throwover on your shoulders if you want to look cool with just a statement tee. Or you know… if you’re feeling cold and no man wants to offer you his jacket. Got my own, thanks!

Wearing cape cardigan from Capital T (their new arrivals on FV is crazy nice), inner top from Sister Margaritta and headscarf from Fleur Malaysia, both FV. Pants from Uniqlo, bag from Celine.