michelin star meals

April 24, 2014


Oh hello, I didn’t see you there creeping into my blog.

What with me busy being a kitchen goddess and all…

*wipes hands on apron*

(have always wanted to do that, I’m actually quite sad like that…)

THAT’S RIGHT, GUYS!! I made food for Dean and Daniel. TWO people ok!!


For Dean, the Thai classic broth of chicken and seafood tom yam, with oyster mushroom and baby corn, infused with the aromatic scent of lemongrass. Served with a bowl of rice.

For Daniel, a generous portion of delicious chicken puree sprinkled with a tiny bit of sea salt, mixed with the sweetness of steamed sweet potato and carrots. For dessert, a small portion of sweet berry yoghurt to refresh the palette.


For Dean, a platter of crispy and steaming hot fried organic chicken coated with breadcrumbs mixed with turmeric, salt and black pepper. Served with a bowl of rice.

For Daniel, a compote of mashed apples infused with vanilla beans, with a little sprinkle of cinnamon sugar to top off the dish.

That’s it, I even sound like a kitchen goddess. Sighhh I just have it in me, I tell you. I made ayam goreng sound sexy, guys, come onnnnn….

It was one of the most fulfilling days of my life. Seeing Dean finish off his plate made me feel so good about making something for my husband, and I am so sure I’m getting a new handbag (high five, girlfriendddd!). And being able to make Daniel’s meals and feed him the whole day, Masyaallah the feeling is just priceless. I mean, sure, he threw some food at my face (and clothes but let’s all breathe…) and totally got scared when I came to him and said “Mommy made you lunch!!”, but I know deep inside he loved the lunch. He didn’t finish it because he loved it so much he wanted to save some for later. Obviously.

On a more serious note, days like these are special. I’m definitely going to make weekends more worth it from now on, not just laze around to rest selfishly the whole day. Gotta cherish your time with your loved ones!

Ok, that is all. Till my next Michelin star entry.


Kitchen Goddess.