new flooring

April 10, 2014


Still feels like I’m dreaming whenever I step into the new FV office.

The old office we pretty much rushed it and we had to cramp the office and the warehouse side by side, which made the office a lot more fun but veryyyy chaotic. So this time, we’re going to have a more distinctive separation between warehouse and office. This new space is all about the office.

We had fun choosing the flooring, thanks to our friends at Catalyst-ID. We always use them for renovation because they’re so fast and reliable, and they give good guidance and tips. Which is crucial for interior-design-dummies like Dean and I. Catalyst; their name fits their service.


20140321_161023 20140321_161142 20140321_161811

When you give us choices like these, we just stare back at you with mouths open.

“Aaaa….. how aaaa?”

Finally, we made decisions and within 3 days, our flooring was completeeeee!!



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Wearing top from AzuraAzwa, watch from Daniel Wellington, both FV

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A close-up of the floorings:

20140407_165720 20140407_165734 20140407_165802

For any renovations, I’d highly recommend Catalyst. You can call Shirley (012-9887324) or Victor (012-2587216) to get in touch with them!