on the surface

April 23, 2014

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I wish people made more wrap dresses besides DVF (which btw stands for Daniel Vivy Fadza. Who’s this Diane lady you keep talking about?!). I love wrap dresses. You think it’s feminine and soft and all huh? Well I think it’s the most bad-bum (don’t wanna say the real word) piece of clothing ever made. Grab it, knot the ribbon, out the door. Run it in, punch something in it, jump in it, kick as high as you want, heck you can even make a split in it! When you’re late, you just re-tie the ribbon really securely, roll up your sleeves and runnnn. Feminine on the surface maybe, but I think wrap dresses are made for the woman on the go and has no time to play dress up for an hour in the morning.

For the purpose of this shoot, of course I smiled, looked down, looked up, looked confused, did all the necessary. But don’t let my sweet pearl necklace fool you. Right after the last shot, I was like “Ok dah, jom gi minum teh tarik!” and hastily stormed off like a gangsta. *put sunnies on*

Wearing a wrap dress/cardigan from Mimpikita <3 FV (Sizes S to XL), headscarf from Fleur Malaysia and heels from Kiss & Tell, at FashionValet.ย