saturday in with daniel

April 27, 2014

Yesterday Dean had a whole day out for that thingy in Cyberjaya (the one that Obama is here for and causing massive traffic jams all over KL -___-“). So that meant one thing; Daniel was all mine. It was so much fun being with him, but man! I was so tired.


In the morning, I slept in with Daniel. He woke up smacking my face which meant I’m hungry or Change My Diaper, Lady.. or both. It was both. So I settled them and while his nanny watched him, I settled myself; brush teeth, shower, get dressed. I needed to do house stuff; get flowers for the house, finally printing out family pictures for the empty photo frames in the house (seriously soon Dean might start falling in love with that pretty lady that came with the frame), buy groceries, clean my room.

I put Daniel down for a nap and cleaned my room while listening to Zee Avi in the background. Found another pile of unwanted clothes and scarves to give away. Sorted out my clothes and made sure they’re colour coordinated, cleaned my drawers.. I felt so happy in the end with how organized my closet was. Ahhh the cheap thrill.

Daniel woke up, so I fed him for a while before taking him to run errands with me. This was when the stress started. It was jammed everywhere and Daniel, being restless, started crying and screaming. He wanted me to hold him, but I was driving this time so it’s not like I can focus on him. I couldn’t do anything and I seriously considered breastfeeding in the car! Gahhhh! I finally arrived at the mall only to find there was no parking and even the valet was full. I drove to another mall and that’s when Daniel started screaming and coughing at the back. I sang, I talked, I sang some more… he would just cry even louder for me to carry him. GAHHHH! So I turned back and headed home. The whole time he was crying, I just ignored and started to zikir in my heart to calm myself down because I was getting so stressed driving for an hour for nothing, with the crying, the traffic jam and how I didn’t manage to get pretty flowers for the house.

Lesson of the day:

1) Just freaking shop online.

At home, Daniel was in such a good mood. He wanted to play, he wanted to hug me, and even though I was annoyed with him for ruining my plans, his smile just melted my heart. I was like ughhh fine Daniel, I can live without flowers or groceries. Everytime I left him, he would whine and cry. So I brought him everywhere with me, even the toilet! *facepalm* We basically hung out together all day and I gotta admit, it was pretty amazing to watch your child all day. You’ll find out things about him you never did before: I found Daniel’s tiny birthmark yesterday!!

By evening, Daniel and I were just chilling on the couch. Him eating his minion toy and me, watching Masterchef Junior and feeling crappy about myself. I mean guys, these kids are 9 or 10 years old and they can cook me off their stove in shame. One kid made almond crusted chilean sea bass with curry mashed potatoes and cooked vegetables… what a show off.

TV Settings.

Masterchef Junior.


Yes, I’m sure.

Turn TV off.

I turned to Daniel who by now has left a puddle of saliva on poor minion.

“Why can’t you make me chocolate lava cake like that boy did, instead of crying all the time?”

Daniel looked up to me and answered, “Baaaa!”

We’re still far from that chocolate lava cake, I think.