sleep is for losers

April 13, 2014

Who knew it would be possible to fall even more in love with your child?

I’m pretty much obsessed with my son and even bugging his nanny to send photos of him in between my meetings (Ok, sometimes during my meetings.. he’s my cheerleader, ok?!). And you know how I told you guys sometimes I just stare at him when he’s sleeping stalker-style? I still do that now! His eyes, his cute nose and his pouty lips when he’s sleeping… ugh, I could eat him.


Getting harder to get a good picture of him because he’s so active and always moving!

He’s 9 months now and he’s getting so cheeky. His giggle, his mouth farts, his Ma-ma pronunciation, all of it… just makes me want to call in sick everyday so I can be home with him.

Except last night.

Oh last night he was a difficult little thing. Not because he was crying or whatever, but because he wanted to play all night! Everytime Dean and I came near him, he thought we were playing with him so he would squeal in delight and go craycray. We put him in his cot and he grabbed the bar and bounced himself in happiness. And of course, we loved watching him so we layan him and tickled him everywhere. #weak #itsourfaultreally

It was 3 am.

Finally, I looked at Daniel.

“Daniel, I know you understand. Please sleep. Sleep. Sleep is good. We like sleep.”

“Pah… pahhh.. pahhh…” followed by not-so-elegant mouthfarts.

Ok let’s try sing, I thought.

“The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout…” I started singing.

And Daniel from smiling, went all serious. He kept quiet, looked at me with big eyes, his mouth opened, and he stopped smiling. He even dropped his toy that he was holding.

“Down came the rain and washed the spider out…” I continued thinking he’s getting tired and he wants to go to sleep. Yay!

Daniel sat up straight and stared at me singing. Then, he did the darnest thing. He took out both his palms into the air and brought them together. And again. And again.



I couldn’t help but laugh as I watched him. He had such a serious angry face but he was clapping for me. I was almost confused with his mixed signals. Should I continue, should I stop?

So I just laughed and tickled him.

I woke up with my arms hugging Daniel’s waist and having Daniel’s legs on my face.

Wild night for us.