wanted: instant skills

April 12, 2014

If you could wake up tomorrow and suddenly have a new skill, what skill would you want to have?

I’ve decided and I want to ask God for these skills. Hehe.

1) Cooking skills

2) Photography skills

3) Photoshop skills

4) Sewing skills

5) Posing skills

6) Make-up skills

Ok, I’m going to stop now because this could go on forever. #greedygirl

But the most-desired skill I want (on the verge of desperation) is cooking.

I follow some friends on instagram that are reallyyyy good at cooking. Like really good. They can make anything from briyani rice to mee rebus to chicken pie to any-pasta-under-the-sun. And God bless them, but man they suck because their pictures make me feel so crappy. Especially as I unwrap Dean’s store-bought dinner in the kitchen. Teehee. Honey, dinner’s ready! As long as I take it out and put it on a plate, means I made it ok?

They say cooking is really the concept of practice makes perfect, so the more you do it, the better you’ll be at it. But I don’t got that kind of patience, sistah. Or time! Leave at work in the morning, come home late at night. Weekend is when Dean and I go out a lot with the family. So unless I spend some time with the cookbook at 2 or 3 am, I really don’t know when to slot this practice-makes-perfect activity in my life.

You guys work and juggle wifehood and motherhood too right? And some with no help even! (Respect! The highest of Jannah for you, Insyaallah!)

Pray tell, how do you guys do it and not look like this….


With not much empathy from my loving assistant, Kyun. Cheh.

Wearing scarf from Rico Rinaldi from FV