weekend in kuantan

April 7, 2014

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Wearing Sophie shirt from Mizz Demeanor and pants from House of Bubblegum (so many prints available) from FV.

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Wearing sweater from Milktee and pants from RipCurl, from FV.

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Wearing maxi dress from FV BASICS, from FV.

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Fuuuhhh long photo post huh?

I dread stepping on the scales now. This week I’m fasting to help detox from all the mee kicap and milo ais and cakes I’ve stuffed in my tummy last weekend. Will get so fat if I stay in Kuantan for any longer. If any of you have not been there, I’d recommend Hoi Yin, Hai Peng, Satay Zul (takeaway, so cool!) and Kula Cakes (their brownies, amagaddd).

It was such a simple weekend filled with love for my little family, yummy food and much needed rest and relax.

Back to work today. Crazy month ahead for us since all the Raya craze is starting and we have to deal with hundreds of brands about their Raya collections.

*roll up sleeves*

Bring it.