a floral saturday

May 12, 2014

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You know your friends love you when they sacrifice their sleeping-in-on-a-Saturday time for the dramatic I-need-to-decorate-my-house-with-flowers moments in your life.

“Why are you having this flower phase?” Toots asked in our group chat.

“Oh, because I just want to make my house nicer and have Dean happy when he comes home.”

Long silence.

“Ok fine, they make my flatlay pictures nicer,” I blushed as I typed.

“There it is. That’s more like it,” Asma’ replied, sucks that she knows me too well.

We made an outing out of it, going to Asma’s favourite florist in Bangsar and braving through construction sites to get there. Such a random place for flowers, but love love love how they had everything. Didn’t even mind freezing my toes off in their cold room. Peonies, lilies, tulips… can’t tell the difference mehhhh, but felt like swimming in the array of colorful beauties. Came back with two armfuls of different kinds of flowers feeling awesome, although slightly guilty because I knew I overdid it. (Now I need to buy new vases… or water jugs…)

 When Dean saw me unwrapping the bouquets, he shook his head.

“Wow, you really can shop anywhere.”

It’s amazing how these beautiful things can really brighten up your rooms/houses. Just staring at them can lift up your mood! Says the crazy lady who stares at her flowers.

Add to shopping list; more vases.

Wearing a fishtail batik top from Ruzz Gahara (more prints available), pants from CandyPop (comes in so many colours) and scarf from dUCk, at FashionValet. Shoes from YSL, bag from Louis Vuitton.