baby steps, daniel

May 18, 2014


I remember when I was so excited collecting baby shoes, I uttered these words:

I can’t wait for Daniel to start walking!

Well, few months fast forward, he started wobbling on his feet. Realised he liked the thrill, so he would force any one of us to walk him around i.e. both his arms over his head holding on to both our hands. We would walk and walk and walk, aimlessly of course. I mean, he’s 10 months old… not really rushing to the mall or office or anything.

Then, we tested him with only holding one of his hand so that he can balance himself using his free hand. Didn’t work a lot of times, but today… TODAY… he totally disregarded our other hand and just kinda dragged us along using only one of his hands. *clapclapclap* Like the proudest parents in the world, Dean and I took a gazillion photos and videos that our phones probably judge us now.

I’ve never seen Daniel happier. He was so active, blabbing as he walked and pointing to directions he’d want us to walk him to. It was so amazing that we were there to witness the big step.

At 10 minutes…..

Daniel’s still walking around so happy!

At 20 minutes….

Still walking aimlessly! Still so happy blabbing Ba and Ma and Pa to everything.

At half an hour….

We passed him to his nanny because Nando’s arrived.

At 45 minutes….

Daniel has now completed his check around the house and visited every corner. Nanny has stopped smiling so Dean and I gobbled up our grilled chicken and peri chips as fast as we could.

At 1 hour….

Dean and I are taking turns to walk Daniel around. If we put him down, he arches his back and starts crying. Me? I’m asking God why Daniel isn’t sleepy yet. At this rate, he must’ve reached Shah Alam by now.

At 1 hour 15 minutes….

I breastfed Daniel to sleep and put him in his cot. Dean and I are lying in bed, looking up at the ceiling both exhausted.



“Remember when we said we couldn’t wait for Daniel to start walking…”

“Why do we say things… we shouldn’t be allowed to say things anymore…”

“Totally agree….”

(p/s: Speaking of baby shoes and walking, FashionValet will be stocking Melissa Shoes this month; women’s and kids’ too! Get ready for those yummy shoes soon… seriously, they smell like bubble gum all the time, I want to eat them.)