daddy powers

May 27, 2014

Daniel’s getting super active now with the newly discovered legs that can now bring him from A to B (provided A and B are six steps apart). After work when Dean and I are both super tired, that’s when our dear son is most excited wanting to exercise his legs and show off his skills. Sometimes we are too tired to clap for the tenth time already, but when we see his face… aiyoh so kesian. Like begging for attention and love.


Hey Mommy Daddy… did you see what I did? Did you see? Are you guys watching me?

So we entertain him until he gets sleepy.

It’s so funny when he gets sleepy. Like he will giggle and be so happy walking. Then in the next second, he just sits and he starts acting up. He’ll whine suddenly and arch his back and get all cranky bouncing up and down. Like whoaa mood swings. We get the signal then; it’s time to sleep!Β Which means boobies time. But I’m trying to train him to fall asleep on his own, so I’ve been reading up and all the articles say we must wean off the sleep-on-the-boobs routine. He’s gotten so used to it that he can’t sleep without me breastfeeding him.

So Dean and I decided it’s time to teach him to sleep on his own (the articles even say babies sleep longer that way). But man… it’s not easy! The articles say we must play with him until he’s really tired. Then when he’s tired put him in his cot and read to him a bedtime story. And tell him it’s time to go to bed and pat him to sleep.

People who write these articles… they on happy pills or what? Super tipu.

The minute we put him in his cot, he will scream and cry and tears fall off the his cheeks. Ummm the articles said nothing about that. So we don’t know what to do, we either just (a) give up and I breastfeed him in the end, or (b) we endure breaking our hearts (and eardrums) listening to him cry before we do (a) anyway.

One night, I was in the shower and Dean tried putting Daniel to sleep. And when I got out of the shower, to my surprise, Daniel was fast asleep and Dean looked at me with a hugeeee smile.

He raised his eyebrows at me, beaming with pride. “It’s called Daddy Powers.”

“I loveeeee Daddy Powers!!! In fact, love it so much that I think this should be an everyday thing. Since you’re amazing at it, every night you should put him to sleep, ok?”

Ahhh… I like Daddy Powers.

*sit back on couch and put feet up on coffee table*