May 4, 2014

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Wearing white top from nichii and watch from Daniel Wellington, at FashionValet. Scarf from dUCk, bag from Mulberry, pants from Calvin Klein and flats from Chanel.

I think my journey to wearing the hijab is really beautiful. This journey is unique to each woman and some may find it hard, some may find it easy. For me, it was both; hard to begin but easy to continue once the band-aid was ripped off. I just decided you know what, stop making excuses for yourself, it’s freaking time.

Leading up to my decision to cover up, I had all sorts of excuses and I would question Allah swt’s sermon to us women. Why this, why that, Islam is supposed to be easy, men won’t rape just because you show hair. I even cried a few times because I felt like I couldn’t relate. At the end of the day, I think my willingness came after I realized how much God has given me in life. God is just so wonderful, giving and giving, even when I rebel so much. I have food on the table, I have a beautiful family, I have my health, I have all senses, I have a job, I have a pretty awesome life. God gives me all this and I can’t even do one thing that He asks of me? Do I really have to argue with my Creator on this one small thing? My hair is so important to me yet having a full head of fresh blowdry won’t be much help when I’m down there. And we know death is certain so it’s just a matter of time.

So to sum it all up, that was my journey to accepting the hijab as my way of life. Till this day, I struggle to tick all the right boxes to the true meaning of hijab (it’s not just about the headscarf) so I guess the journey will be a life-long process. I just always make doa that He will keep me steadfast in my hijab and that I never look back.

From the emails I get from some of you sharing with me your hijab journey, I get that a lot of you are also struggling to take the first step. And I think just you wanting to cover up, it’s ding-ding-ding on the pahala logbook, Insyaallah. I found all the stories you shared so beautiful and I, of all people, totally understand because I’ve been there!

I couldn’t relate to a lot of people who instantly opened their hearts to covering up and I just didn’t understand! I studied abroad, I’m a city girl, I work in fashion, surely I need nice hair to show off! Haha. And people just telling me “Wear it or go to hell”, I just couldn’t accept learning religion this way. They shake heads at people who don’t cover their hair and point in public too… and I thought my goodness, is this really Islam? I also bought a lot of headscarves but never felt any attachment or relation to them. To me, they were just pieces of cloth. Little did I know that each of them might just bring me closer to the ultimate prize in the afterlife.

That’s why I started this brand.


Please allow me to introduce dUCk properly to you. dUCk is a brand of scarves that I want to cater to Muslims and non-Muslims too. But I wanted something that ladies will be proud to be a part of; an urban brand that is different, chic and special. I want Muslim women to feel proud to wear the hijab and with the duck charm, I want women to feel a part of this brand and know that they are not alone with their struggles. I take pride in dUCk’s branding and I’m not positioning dUCk to be a “cheap” brand as there are already so many in the market. It will be what it is and I want women to take pride in their scarves. I want to show women that donning the hijab isn’t a backward step. In fact, it’s upgrading yourself and you should feel uber cool in hijab. And one should never be afraid to take that first step. If not as a headscarf, you could wear it around your neck… and who knows, one day maybe you yourself would want to work your way up?

I also made dUCk different by using illustration. The brand ambassador, a girl named D, shares with us her stories in life. D can be you or me; just a girl making her way through life. She’s trying to don the hijab, she has her girlfriends, she travels the world, she is having trouble finding the right guy, she is working towards getting success in her career, she is someone we can all relate to. For now, we’ve just started introducing D so do follow @duckscarves!

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May 5 is the day dUCk launches on FashionValet (duh!). For the first release, it will be all about basics. We have illustrated prints coming up soon too which I can’t wait for!

Mark your calendars and get ready to be dUCk-ed!