printing prints

May 20, 2014

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I was shopping for a gift for our male friend at a store and sigh.. came out with this sweater. Forgot his name, forgot his birthday, forgot what I told Dean why I’m going to the store. Sweater. So. Beautiful.

Before getting into the fashion industry and being a stockist to all these awesome creative people, I never really understood the work behind creating these clothes they were so passionate about. I still don’t want to be a designer (it’s crazyyyy work!) but I totally appreciate clothes now. Like sewing each stud into the item, or even better creating own exclusive prints just for that brand. This is apparently a really big deal and I never understood why because to us consumers, we’re just like oh yeah nice print, buy. But if we dig in a little deeper and see the work either by hand or by computer graphics, it’s just someone’s passion and hardwork all over the print. Now I’m beginning to understand. It’s more expensive because it’s made especially for the designer, but at least you know you’re not wearing bulk prints from China. (Unless China copied the designer, which is very possible since they can really do anything, they’re pretty amazing!)

This is the story I told Dean when explaining the presence of this new sweater in our home. I know the sweater wasn’t cheap, he would freak out if I revealed the price so I made sure I explained myself intelligently.

How he reacted?

I don’t know. I made sure I told him when he was asleep.

Wearing scarf from dUCk, bracelets from Xansa and watch from Daniel Wellington, all FashionValet. Sweater from Carven and pants from Zara.