extra pahala

May 30, 2014

Dean has been extremely sweet to me lately. I think my snores at night and my eyebags have been hinting to him that I am just exhausted juggling work and family. He’s been putting Daniel to sleep and he’s been so loving, it’s awesome!

See, when husbands are nice to their wives like how Islam preaches them to be, their wives are happy. When wives are happy, husbands are happy. It’s a super nice ecosystem to have, so all husbands should be good to their wives. Teehee.

Anyway, I mentioned something to Dean about how easy it is for a Muslim wife to go to heaven. She can collect pahala (errr, heaven credit?) practically 24-7 just by thinking of her husband. Like a “Hope you’re ok, baby” message randomly in the middle of the day (Or “I cooked your favourite dish for dinner” message which Dean has never gotten). Or getting a drink for him when he comes home. Or just simply spreading good words about him. (This blogpost saying that he’s sweet should get me at least 10 points, no?).

Dean, being a typical guy, is loving this and enjoying this for as long as he can.

We finished eating and Dean walked over to the sink to wash his hands.

I was somewhere there, preparing dessert. (By preparing, I mean transferring it from the styrofoam box to the plate. But I’m sure you guys know that whatevs.)

He put his hands under the tap and looked at me.

I looked at him.

He looked at the tap and looked at me again.

Are you freaking serious?!!! was the look I gave him.

He smiled. “Do you want pahala?”

I sighed and turned on the tap for him. Gave him a sweet smile through my gritted teeth.

He then put his hands underneath the hand wash dispenser and looked at me.

Do you want a slap was the next look I gave him.

“Sheesh, a husband is just trying to give his wife some extra pahala…”

So I pressed the dispenser for the soap to land on his hands.

He smiled slyly and dried his hands. “Good wife,” he joked and gave me a wink.

*still gritting teeth*