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May 9, 2014

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How can, guys… how can!!

Read this.

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at  copy

Hug from the back, sniff hair all.. sheesh.

The other day, Dean touched me on the shoulder from the back and I thought awwww he’s going to hug me from the back. So I touched his hand and realized he pulled it away already. Turns out he was tapping me on the shoulder because I was in his way. Well, that was an awkward “Oh!”.

How… annoying… Dee…Ya…Na….

After taking the Does Your Man Notice You poll, I needed to take charge of my marriage. *cries buckets*

(Btw, 49% of the results say their men notices them and a majority of 51%… well let’s just say I’ll share my bucket with them…)



It’s either this… or dye my hair purple.

The former seemed easier.

Since scent is proven to make men notice women more, I made sure I had all 4. Thought of mixing them up in the washing machine, but I decided to take my desperation down a notch. So I chose the Downy Parfum Mystique since that is still my favourite scent. Has a luxurious feel with its oriental floral scent.

The rest are:

Downy Passion (red) – a mix of alluring floral scents with fresh fruity fragrance with a touch of vanilla.

Downy Innocence (pink) – a sweet scent of floral bouquets for that love spell….

Downy Happiness (orange) – bright and cheerful scent, reminds you of sunshine!

Remember my previous post on this? Downy Perfume has this Scent-Switch technology that gives off a different scent everytime your clothes rub or move. Kind of like having a spritzer everytime you need a whiff refresher. So now, instead of loading yourself with perfume, you can just load your washing machine with Downy Parfum and your clothes smell good already! Let’s hope Dean will notice our house and wardrobe smelling like a million bucks.


This range is available at Giant. Price is about RM5.85 for 370ML, RM10.90 for 900ML and RM20.90 for 1.8L.

Roadshow Dates:

Giant Hypermarket  KOTA DAMANSARA: 09 – 11 May 2014

Giant Hypermarket  BATU CAVES: 09 – 11 May 2014

Giant Hypermarket  STADIUM SHAH ALAM: 23 – 25 May 2014

Giant Hypermarket  (PLENTONG JB): 02 – 04 June 2014

Giant Hypermarket (L/MALL JB): 02 – 04 June 2014

To find out more, go to

Don’t forget to watch the video too so you know you’re not alone. *cries some more*