learning never ends

May 2, 2014

I realised I haven’t been updating on work for a while now simply because there is just so much happening everyday I can’t keep up! The company has been running for 3 years now and at this point, Dean and I are overseeing more on the overall direction of the company and we have trusted leaders in each department that we have high expectations of. So nowadays, it’s a lot of networking, strategic thinking and always thinking of ways to improve as a whole.

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At 3 years, I’m pretty proud of where FashionValet has come. Even with deep-pocketed competitors, we’re still going strong being one of the online market leaders in Malaysia and considering we started off with a fraction of working capital that our competitors spend on a monthly basis, I’m going to give the team a pat on the back la k? It wasn’t an easy road, and even now, we face challenges everyday.. which let’s be honest, makes it more fun. What’s life without challenges?

Now, Dean and I are at a point where we have to squeeze our brain juices. Ok so we make x amount in revenue each month. It’s easy to make 2x. But how do we make 20x and turn FV into a billion dollar company? We’ve always been the go big or don’t bother kind of people (Dean always tells people if you want to start something on your own, do it because it can be big. Make it worth your time. Go all out and not just because you want to just simply own something for the sake of owning it). So now we are facing the biggest challenge which is to prove ourselves that we can do this. It makes it even harder when there is no manual. Everything in business is a risk and there is no right or wrong answer. I guess it’s all about strategy and timing, and most of all, God’s will.

Dean and I were invited to join this one exclusive entrepreneurs organization and to get there, we had to go through like soooo many levels of interviews where business leaders gruel us with questions and size us up. It was a really awesome experience and meeting these successful people opened our eyes so wide that it gave us a better perspective of our business and where we’d like to take it. Everyone will want to say they want to expand, but these leaders sat us down and asked us why, how, what’s the plan to enter new markets, how will the cash-flow be affected, do we need more funding, how do we spend the cash injection, do we have a good team to do this, will they be able to cope with expansion, how long until we break even etc. Oh man, it was just mind-blowing! And super duper awesome!! Dean and I would leave the interviews after that just fueled up with motivation and we’d discuss more at dinner… or while changing Daniel’s diaper at night. Hehe.

I guess what I also took from this was: Nothing can buy experience. So never think we know better. It’s always good to ask people and learn from their highs and lows. So always ask, ask, ask.