melinda looi 2014

May 28, 2014

It’s crazyyyyyy hectic Raya mode for FV right now. Our warehouse is filled to the brim with beautiful Raya clothes that I can’t even deal with not owning every piece. *cries* You guys think it’s a lot to deal with collection after collection, imagine us working at FV! Hehe. The key is to choose. Pick only one or two of the nicest nicest nicestttt ones to you and bug your husband about it. It’s Raya after all, the one time of the year everyone shops like craycray. Imagine all the open houses. Eeeee so best! I’m imagining all the ketupats and lemmings already. Can’t focus.

Anyway, Melinda Looi’s collection just launched at FV. 36 designs for you right here, sizes XS to XL, one will surely be yours!

Here are the ones I like and will soon bug Dean about them.

101_FBIG 126 134_FBIG 143_FBIG v fbig 107 V fbig 114 v fbig 125

Only 3 days for preorder. So better choose nowwww!

Click here to view the rest.