my lobster

May 23, 2014

The downside to an 8-year-couple (almost 8 soon!) who work, play, sleep and eat together is that when one goes on a business trip, the other gets depressed and starts scolding everything. Colleagues, friends, clothes, flowers, walls, anything really. Whenever Dean goes away even for a night, I get a bit lost. Like eh, do I wanna go up or down… or eh, what did I come here to get? Oh right, my son! 

I am already super clingy when he’s around, so imagine how I’d be when he’s not around. Wail and sob, smell his T-shirt, eat ice-cream, listen to Brian McKnight, you know… like a sad teenager in love. It’s been like that since the start of our relationship and nothing has changed in that department. Haha. In my defence, Dean is superrrr clingy with me too, so we both deserve each other la really. What can I say, he’s my lobster. (Remember F.RI.E.N.D.S.?)

So he was away recently for a few days which felt like a few years.

I invited Marissa to sleepover at my place since I’d be missing Dean and I needed some girly distraction. We had a nice dinner and got ready for bed.

I got ready to change and take off my makeup, but shyly went to her. “Can you come and  hang out with me in the toilet while I wash my makeup off?”

Judging me left right center, Marissa went, “WHAT?!”

“You know.. cos Dean does it every night. He would brush his teeth while I remove my make up and wash my face… and we’d spend time in the toilet talking about our day,” I said to Marissa, whose mouth was now a big O shape. “Please? It just doesn’t feel complete.”

She stormed into toilet with me. “Oh my god, woman!”

I smiled. We’ve known each other for 20 years, Marissa and I, so we’re pretty immune to each other.

“So….” I picked up my makeup remover and I looked at Marissa (who was sitting half-heartedly on the side of the bathtub) through the mirror, “How was your day, honey?” I asked Marissa sweetly.

And she told me all about her day.

On the phone with Dean later that night, I whispered, “Marissa doesn’t tell it as interestingly as you do, baby. I miss you.”

Do you have a thing with your husband? I think it’s quite nice to have something you guys do everyday that is the same even if it takes 5 minutes like our get-ready-for-bed session. My case of clingyness is pretty extreme and Dean knew what he got himself into when he married me teehee, but I think it’s cute that we both miss each other when we’re apart. It keeps the love alive, Insyaallah. I hope you and your partner are the same (of course with a normal dose of clingness though, not necessarily mine!).