my white sofa

May 16, 2014

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Wearing skirt from Kree and scarf from Tudung Sisters, both FashionValet.

Office renovations = much dreaded trips to IKEA.

There are sooo many people there but dang it they’re the best so I can’t really complain. I just love their system and how they display everything, and make us walk all over the place. Clever, clever business people. I picked up some vases (teehee) and frames and mats and dustbins… you know, things I don’t even need! Heck, my inner soul told me I need not one but two blackboard stands. For what? Who cares… they’re cute.

After standing in line for like 5 years, I finally managed to wheel my two trollies straight to the home delivery section. Paid a bit more but for convenience and the thought of having to carry my own tables and chairs…. here, take my whole purse.

The sofa arrived today and as you can see, I’m beyond jakun.  It was only RM 999 compared to the RM 16,000 one I saw in another shop. Yep, RM 16,000. I gulped before I asked the salesgirl, “Only that much? Oh wait, hold on…” and faked a phone call to leave the shop. I mean, yeah, I’ll have so many other people owning the same IKEA couch… in fact, you probably have it too. But hey, we won’t be carrying the same sofa around the mall, so no worries there. Marking my territory all over it. I can sit on it, text on it, read on it, sleep on it.

I’m going to live on this sofa, guys.