only for you

May 9, 2014

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Can I just clarify that I will only do this sleeve inner look when I really HAVE TO. I cringe at this short sleeve with sleeve inner look and I always think there are so many long sleeves out there, we don’t have to act like there’s no choice out there for hijabis. Haha.

But man… when the Indonesian brands’ batch arrived at the warehouse…. and I saw this tenun jacket… oh man it’s so gorgeous and the workmanship is so immaculate… the zip pockets, the pleats at the back, the material…. I grabbed it straight away and went, “Mine!!!”

“But you can’t wear short sleeves!” Kyun pointed out.

“Sokay, I’ll make it work.”

Hence the black long sleeved inner.

Only for you, beautiful tenun jacket.

Wearing jacket from Anynome and scarf from dUCk, at FashionValet.

Ahem! Did you guys also notice my new grey Sofina 2.1 bag?

New colours on Monday, guys! MON-DAY. Schedule it in your calendar nowwwww.