red aunty

May 29, 2014

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When it’s that time of the month for me, Dean knows.

I mean, he knows.

Like he won’t even have to ask.

He will know.

Yeah, my hormones and sudden tears give it away I guess, but the biggest clue is that our toilet will look like this.


I don’t take my red aunty lightly, guys. When she comes, I’m ready. Like really ready.


Wing, non-wing, short, long, 8-pack, 20-pack, regular flow, heavy flow, overnight. I have enough pads to leave at my neighbour’s doorstep as presents! Seriously the wife in that house cooks up a storm everyday, it’s almost rude that she doesn’t pass them over. I need to make friends with her, pronto… Sorry, I digress. I can’t really focus when red aunty comes.

Anyway, where was I… oh yes!

So like I shared before, Whisper  came out with their Cottony Clean range which I absolutely love. I didn’t have any problems with their Ultra one previously (very good absorbency), but I’m a sucker for new things so I just had to try this new one. It’s exactly what the name indicates… soft and cottony, and you just feel so light and comfortable wearing it. Some girls would even go to the gym or do yoga with it. Me? I feel great, so I really really would. But I can’t find my yoga mat. So me, my Whisper and my ice cream tub will just settle on the couch, thank you.

There are 3 types from this range; non-wing, wing and extra long.


Sorry guys, I tried to make this picture look as pretty as possible. Even included my plant in the shot.

Dean asked me why we need extra long pads and went Whoaaaa-what-is-that when he saw me take it out.  I blushed and went Nothing, nothing before shoving it back into the pack. Hey, laugh all you want at my extra long but it kept me very very secure especially those few days after I gave birth. *blows kiss to extra long pack*

A closer look.


Left is Whisper Ultra, right is Whisper Cottony Clean.

Ok, ok, finish Pad 101 lesson for today.

 I know I have male readers too, so err I apologise for giving you information you probably didn’t want to ever know. But hey, suck it up! You have moms and sisters and wives who probably would give you a bigggg hug if you surprised them with a pack. To show them you understand the discomfort that their red aunty brings. Instead of going Ewwww, go and walk to the pharmacy and get us a pack, why don’t you. Go.