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May 20, 2014

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In my newfound Martha Stewart light, I’ve been wanting to be better in the kitchen. Can’t cook to save my life, but maybe, just maybe I can do food art?

Watch all of Wall’s videos on their YouTube channel!

Have you guys watched it? Don’t you just feel like opening your fridge to create your own Rapunzel or Snow White?!

I found out about this event that Wall’s is encouraging family bonding and creative ice cream art which featured this food artist Samantha. And boy, was I jealous! Pretty, skinny and talented. Pftttt bluff.

Samantha is an food art extraordinaire, where she makes whimsical and fun food art creations for her daughters. I’m sure they loved the way their food looks like and don’t have the hearts to eat them because they’re so cute! If you want to know what I mean, stay tuned till the end of this post…


At the event Wall’s Scoops of Happiness campaign launch, they also introduced a Facebook contest called Taste Joy in Disneyland with Wall’s. All you have to do is create an ice cream creation of your own with your family using Wall’s Selection and submit an entry in their Facebook page.

Ok here’s what you need to do.

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 10.39.00 AM

Lemme translate that for you.

1)   Discover the 15 ice cream stories with the Scoops of Happiness videos

2)   Create your own ice cream story with the ice-cream

3)   Take a picture of your creation with the Wall’s Selection tub in it too

4)   Share your creation with your friends in the Submit tab

Prizes, you ask?

Grand Prize: A holiday package to Disneyland Paris with your family!!!!! Winners will be determined by panel judges at the end of the contest period

Weekly Prizes: If your submission has the most votes, you will get a family holiday package to Legoland. There will be a winner every week for 7 whole weeks!

Visit Taste Joy in Disneyland with Wall’s website ( and then go pack for Disneyland, please?


Need. To. Go. There!

Ok back to the event. So Samantha shows everyone how she creates her ice cream art. By sketching it first. Then she lays out all the condiments. And voila, off she goes!





Pirate of the Carribean

This is “Pirate of the Carribean”.

The Ice Princess & The Snowman

This is “The Ice Princess & The Snowman”.

Gorgeous right? She’s pretty AND talented… so unfair.




This one she named “Chinese Warrior”. Inspired by Mulan, of course! Super adorable. As you can see from the picture, she used fresh strawberries, wafers, blueberries, even fruit loops! And for the ice cream, the main ingredient here, she used Wall’s Selection Strawberry Cheesecake. Mannn… I don’t know how she can make this without wanting to eat the ingredients in the process hehe.

If you’re inspired by this (I know I am!!), have a look on Samantha’s instagram @leesamantha for more of her crazily creative designs. I just loveee whenever she uploads a new post. Really makes me wanna start raiding my fridge. You should get all your family members to gather and have a nice evening creating your own masterpieces!

Everyone who attended was concentrating and so intrigued watching Samantha closely. I felt so jealous I couldn’t make it for the event.




And you know how competitive I am right….

*rubs hand together* 

I needed to do a mommy-son activity with him, and what better one than this.

Share your ice-cream creations too and don’t forget to join the “Taste Joy in Disneyland with Wall’s” contest. Click here to see more.