flip those pages first

May 20, 2014

Β In movies, I see perfect mothers with perfect hair and makeup read to their children to sleep. So I’m trying to do the same, except I’m in a big T-shirt and my post-headscarf hair is as flat as a wall. And what lie is it that the baby just magically falls asleep after “And they lived happily ever after”. Whenever I read to Daniel, I can’t even finish the sentence “Once upon a time” without him ripping the book off my hands and biting it and laughing. He loves to also turn the pages and it freaks me out because I keep worrying about paper cut.

Anyway, I’m in the phase where I get excited to buy him books so I just grab whichever that looks interesting and bring it to the counter.

Until I saw this. Nani shared this picture in our FV team groupchat and it just made everyone sick in the stomach. Basically, her friend bought this book without checking the inside, and this is what was inside.


Astarghfirullah, I really feel so sick when I saw this and I immediately thought I should warn other moms to always check the inside of the books you buy for your kids.

UPDATE: My blog readers have pointed out to me that this book is actually meant to teach sexual harassment and so having this one page made me misconstrue its intention. Apologies for the outburst, I have deleted my comment on it (title of post also edited) but I decided to keep this post so that more new moms like me can also know on the existence of such books. Although I do admit, I am a bit freaked out to read these kinds of books to Daniel. Do I really need to show him those visuals? *cringe* In this day and age, with all sorts of weird things happening out there, oh God, please guide all of us to be good parents to our little ones.