sweater + maxi skirt

May 5, 2014

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This walkway was just so nice all monochrome and grey-ish that I had to take pictures of it alone, without me spoiling the picture by being in them. It was a coincidence that I was wearing a bright statement skirt that I thought would be a nice contrast against this background. Hence this ootd.

A sweater + maxi skirt is tricky to pull off, I find. It shows no shape or skin at all but it can easily drown you. You can belt it to give some shape to yourself, but sweaters are meant to be casual and puffy. Belting it would be like sharing your ice cream; there’s just no point to it, why would you do such a thing.

The combo is cool casual but you really have to fake some cool attitude with sunnies and a nice statement bag, preferably a big clutch. If your hair is all flat and greasy, or if your scarf is not right and you walk around slouching, you really would look just like me during my pantang days… or my kakak at home in kain batik and long sleeves. Hehe. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, I love my kakak so much no one can mess with her. But you know… probably not a good first-date-wanting-to-get-a-second-date look.

It would be super cool if you can pull off flats or even the tasteful sneakers with this look, and go all grunge. But I realise my limits… I’m not that cool yet. Maybe you can try the sweater + maxi skirt combo and let me know how it goes!

Wearing scarf from dUCk, pullover from Mizz Demeanor, skirt from Omer’a, and heels from Kiss & Tell, head to toe FashionValet.