twirling in batik

May 15, 2014

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No secret I’m a big fan of Indonesian brand Noona and their prints. Loveeee this skirt, it’s lightweight (therefore not so hot and can still breathe) yet still has that volume flare that makes women feel like princesses. #princessvivycomingthroughpleasemakeway The print is full on and not for the shy, so I kept the top very plain with a simple black long sleeved top.

Today we restocked dUCk scarvesΒ and inners in loads of quantity so if you’re looking to grab one, don’t complain always sold out ah! Haha. Just wanna say thanks for all the support you guys have given me all these years. May God bless you!

Wearing scarf from dUCk, top from Benetton (similar here), skirt from NoonaΒ (also another colour here), all FashionValet. Heels from Aldo.