two extremes

May 29, 2014

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All black everything. That was what I planned when I dressed up this morning. I haven’t done an all-black outfit for soooo long and thought oh why not, today’s a good day to channel Catwoman for a change.

But I just couldn’t put a black headscarf on. It looked too gloomy. Pre-headscarf days, I guess it would’ve been ok because our necks would be there to break up the all-black-ness. But all black and just face showing – not a look I can pull off unless I’m in Saudi.

My eyes made contact with a super striking fuchsia scarf neatly folded in my scarf section. Hmm… this could work. So tadaaaa, my get-up today. I thought it was a nice combination of two extremes; tough black and girly pink.

Wearing pink scarf from dUCk at FashionValet. Blazer from Zara, pants from Uniqlo, sunnies and shoes from Dior, bag from Louis Vuitton.