a breezy stroll

June 18, 2014

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Traveling used to be a breeze with 5 inch heels. London and Paris with stiletto boots? Does not faze me at all, been there done that. Nowadays?! With Daniel, with stroller, with handbag, and the endless walking and sightseeing, I think I’m about to surrender guys? Cannot believe this day has come.

Singapore was a lot of walking everywhere (Ok fine, just Orchard Road, but still, it’s a long road ok!). So I’ve been turning to these espadrilles for the ultimate comfort. Another thing is my choice of clothes. I knew this was going to be a proper family no-glamour-involved kind of holiday, so I needed lots of comfortable tops. No beadings or embroidery that will hurt Daniel when I carry him around, and tops that are errr… easily flash-able for when Daniel needs milk (Daniel does not appreciate waiting for unbuttoning). This was the perfect top. Still had that luxe feel because of its special print and the soft material, to make me feel better.

One thing for sure now; holidays with Daniel without his nanny = Mommy needs to be comfortable.

Wearing Ria Miranda top (available in few colours) and dUCk scarf from FashionValet. White denim from 7 For All Mankind, shoes from Chanel, bag from Celine.