a good kind of change

June 30, 2014

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Crop tops seem to be the craze now with the fashion bloggers that I follow on instagram. But of course they can bare it out with their belly buttons showing. If I did that with my headscarf on, fuuhhhh the outrage from fellow Muslims… so let’s not go there! But who says hijabis can’t rock crop tops? I bought this one white crop top and I love it! I wear it with a shirt underneath it for the preppy look, or if I want to wear it on its own, I’ll look for something high waisted.

Here, I’ve paired it with a super flowy and yummy skirt from Mizz Nina’s new brand Madeena. She had a brand on FV called Mizz Demeanor before but she has left that behind and rebranded everything to become a Muslimah-friendly brand called Madeena. Respect to her for her beautiful change! What I love most about her is that her items are always affordable as she said to me that she wants all women to own a piece of Madeena and they’re all basic items that we all need. I especially love that I can get the long sleeve maxi dresses and the basic turtlenecks from her brand. Kudos to you, Nina! May God bless you for all the dakwah you are making now.

Wearing Stellar skirt from Madeena (comes in 2 colours), men’s watch from Daniel Wellington, Sofina bag and black inner from dUCk, at FashionValet. Scarf by Louis Vuitton, crop top from Zara.