crunch crunch

June 19, 2014

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You know how I’m a huge fan of keeping healthy and exercising?

 *hides ice cream tub and rummage through my shoe cabinet to find my one pair of sneakers*

Ok fine, I like the idea of keeping healthy. And believe me, I’m trying! I may not have my training sessions anymore, but I am trying to take the stairs more than the lift ok!! (Ok fine lift was broken that day…)

But I really do believe that you are what you eat. I know that I am instant noodles. *cries* So now, I’m trying to at least start my day right with a healthy bowl of this. Hoping that if I start the day right, I will at least commit through the rest of the day with an equally healthy lifestyle.


I’ve always passed by the cereals aisle in the supermarket and walked pass all their flavours. One day, I decided OK let’s try this. They do have over 4 million fans on their Facebook page, they must be doing it right!

They had all sorts of flavor; Honey & Almond, Almond Clusters, Banana Nut Clusters, Original, Fruits & Nuts. Mission this week is to try all flavours one by one to see which is my fav.


But this, I gotta say, is pretty darn good!! It’s so light and crispy. I know people eat cereals with milk, but I’m not a fan of milk, so I always eat my cereals on their own. And it’s oh soooo good.

It’s made with whole grain, 16g of whole grain per serving to be exact! Low fat, low calories, high dietary fibre –> high happiness!

If you did not know, Nestle Fitnesse has this thing called Fitnesse 14 Day Program. It’s a weight management program to maintain and improve our weight! Have this for breakfast and one other meal with it for 14 days. I’m not that patient, so could you try it and tell me how it goes please? Hashtag #FitnesseShape will ya?


Gotta “Shape Up Your Lifestyle” now, you and me. We can have this in our tummies coupled with being physically active (gym to you, stairs for lazier people like me) and we can then all feel good about ourselves!

We can do this!

*flex biceps*

Ready to be healthy? Let’s eat! Crunch crunch om nom nom.