daddy isn’t ready

June 2, 2014

Did I tell you that I went all tough yesterday with parenting? I caught up with a friend at a function and she was telling me how she sleep trains all her children and they now sleep wonderfully at night and they are still happy babies. Just the night before, I was having a tough time with Daniel – him kicking my face, rolling himself over my face, bouncing up and down in his cot for me to pick him up, smacking my body if I refuse to breastfeed him… you know, my usual 4 am activities.

*loads eye bags with thick concealer*

So naturally, when I hear success stories from moms who have full 8-hour sleeps, I get all I-can-do-this-too and start talking to Daniel about how he will be sleeping in his own room tonight.

I honestly thought it would be easier, but man… my heart was beating fast as I left him asleep in his room, I was checking all the grills in the house to make sure it’s all locked, I was constantly doing sound checks to see if the baby monitor was working, and my heart was aching as I climbed into bed without Daniel.


Oh, he was sobbing in the bed, looking at Daniel’s empty cot next to us, his hands were clutching the baby monitor to his chest. He kept whispering “He’s just a baby… he’s just a little baby…” while turning his body away from me, refusing to speak to me. He definitely lost any definition of cool that he might have had previously.

The both of us said good night to each other and just stared at the ceiling. The room was quiet and we had the bed all to ourselves, but somehow it felt so empty without our little angel with us. I kept glancing at the baby monitor, and Dean kept rubbing his fingers on it, as if it was Daniel.

After 5 minutes of just laying in silence, Daniel finally started making noises and he let out a big cry.

I got ready for this already and turned to Dean, “Ok.. remember what our friend told us. This is just going to be hard for 2-3 days. We have to let him cry it out. We have to be tough and — hey where are you going???”

Dean was already out the door, zooming to get Daniel who was now crying so so loud.

From the baby monitor, all I could hear was “I’m sorry, baby boy. Daddy loves you. You can sleep with us for as long as you want. Daddy loves you…”


Way to be cool, Daddy!

Guess it’s not a surprising conclusion to tell you that Daniel was back in bed with us, cuddled by a smiling Dean. I guess it’s not Daniel who isn’t ready for sleep-training. Now where is the bit in the baby book about obsessive fathers….


Best buds for life.

So, Day 1 verdict – Sleep-training failed miserably.