daniel’s first injury

June 8, 2014

Daniel turns 11 months today!

As I write this, I’m on my bed with Daniel in his cot next to me. We’ve been trying to teach him to sleep in his cot, so everytime he wakes up for feeding/comfort/plain mengada-ness, I will put him back in his cot when he falls asleep again. But when it’s pass 3 or 4 am, I give up and he wins; back in our bed between Mommy and Daddy where he is the happiest. (If you have no siblings by the time you’re able to read this, Daniel, know that that was the result of your own doing.)

At 11 months, Daniel can now walk. Last week, it was just 3 or 4 steps before he tumbles down and we’d make fun of him. Now he can circle the room and it’s just so entertaining that I could actually make microwave popcorn and just watch him all day. He would walk to my direction and give me a big smile and giggle. Sigh Daniel, you are just the most adorable thing on earth to me, and sometimes I wish I could freeze time so I won’t have to deal with your teenage hormones in 12 years’ time.

Yesterday, we were having dinner at my inlaws while Daniel and Alex were playing together on the slide and ball pit their grandma bought for them. I assume their nannies were looking after them, if they’re not too busy on their phones. -___-” Then suddenly, a loud scream from Alex. Followed by a loud scream from Daniel. Followed by the two of them crying.

Oh no, is that blood I see on Daniel’s forehead?!!! And a bump on Alex’s lips?!!!

So basically, Alex jumped from the slide and accidentally fell onto Daniel’s forehead. And the part that landed on Daniel wasn’t an arm or a leg… but was Alex’s two front teeth. Ouchieeee. It’ll be a funny story when the boys are grown up; Daniel’s first injury was his cousin Alex’s teeth marks. Boys will be boys and the adventure has started for all of us, hasn’t it? I’m sure this is just the first injury of many, according to the stories I hear from moms of boys. I better get ready for a ride.

Anyway, I was surprisingly pretty calm and just carried Daniel around to calm him down. Dean was running frantic, trying to decide who to scream at for the blood on his son’s forehead. He kept kissing Daniel and on the way home, he stopped by the pharmacy to buy every single type of Nexcare bandaid they stocked. We now have waterproof, cloth, kids, big, small, extra large… just let me know if you need plasters.

We watched Daniel sleep in his cot together.


“It’s so not cool that Daniel has Minnie Mouse on his head,” Dean made a face while rubbing Daniel’s head.

“Well, it was either this or Tinkerbell. Just be happy I chose the mouse,” I replied.

Happy 11 months, our precious one. 1 more month till you turn 1!