denim on denim

June 14, 2014

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My first time at Marina Bay Sands last weekend and I loveeeee the place. Have you guys seen the floating LV shop that starts from the mall all the way to the water??? And the little water feature outside Chanel that swirls? And the gondola rides you can have in the middle of the mall? My heart did backflips and I was just so excited to explore! There’s just something about Singapore that is just so nice. It’s organized, it’s forward-thinking, it’s clean and best of all, safe!

But I have to admit I did get lost in the mall, it was a little bit confusing finding shops. Other than that, I sooo want to come here again and this time, actually go up to the rooftop. Must be beautiful up there.

Featuring my dUCk box from FashionValet. Top (similar here) and jeans from Zara, bag and shoes from Chanel, scarf from Valentino.ย