happy father’s day

June 15, 2014

It’s just sooo difficult to do a surprise for someone who you are with 24-7. Today, as you all know, is Father’s Day and the best part is that this was Dean’s first ever Father’s Day. Of course I felt pressured to at least do something to acknowledge it and I had an awesome idea to make a scrap page of Dean as a dad, imagining it being framed somewhere special. When Daniel is older, they will always remember their Daddy-Son moments back from as far back as Daniel’s first day in the world.

Ok. So first step is to print pictures. Second step is to make the scrap page. Both impossible to do since it was a family Saturday. Dean and I are so clingy we’d ask where the other one was going as soon as one of us gets up from a chair. Normally I would think that’s sweet, but yesterday I thought it was annoying as ever. How on earth am I going to print my pictures without him seeing?!

Anyway I got it done. We were in an electronics store and thank God they had a photo printing booth there. I quickly gave the lady there my phone after I ticked all the photos I needed, totally trusting her not to run off with my digital best friend. I told her to pretend I’m talking to her about some camera and I’m going to leave my phone with her. When she’s done, she has to give me a nod from afar and I’ll go to her pretending that I had accidentally left my phone and I have to go back to get it. She then will slip the printed photos underneath with my phone while I slip her money to pay for the photos.

It was all very CIA-like and done smoothly, mind you. I might have a chance to become a professional spy in case FashionValet doesn’t work out. Bahaha. #nauzubillah

So we got home. Another challenge.

“Oh man sayang… I think it’s the Indian restaurant just now.. too spicy… I need to go to the toilet.”

“Oh no.. ok sure, sayang. Hope you get better.”

So I locked myself in the toilet, with no ventilation, surrounded by all the scrapping tools. Papers, stickers, photos, glue. I think no one in history has ever tried scrapping on the floor next to a toilet bowl.

I flushed a few times to make it believable. Heard Dean pass by and groaned a bit “Oh man so painful…” when really I was trying to stick his photo on the page.

What Dean saw:


What the other side of the door saw:


Finally, after rushing like mad and sweating too… (Why don’t I have airconds in my toilet!!):


I thought it would be sweet to have an “evaluation report” to review Dean’s performance as a dad. In my head, I pictured Daniel walking to Dean and handing Dean this report card. But when I gave it to Daniel, he tried to eat the card and scrape off his photo while giggling. All my hard work!!! So we had to go with plan B: I gave it to Dean saying it was from Daniel.


Dean was sooo happy that my risking my phone to a stranger and fake stomachache were so worth it.

Disclaimer: This will be the first and last scrap page. Too much stress.

P/S: To all fathers and father figures out there, HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!! Especially to my dad who is still my superhero after all these years. Love him soooo much and pray for nothing but the best for him in this life and after. Jannah for him, please Allah swt? Love you, daddy!!