low battery

June 28, 2014

You know when you use your phone all day and before a big event, the exclamation mark lights up in the battery section of your home screen. That’s when you know you only have a few minutes before your virtual best friend rests in peace temporarily, leaving you cut out from the rest of the world and you no longer know what others are eating on Instagram or what shoes they are wearing (shoe shots are oh so 2014!).

I know what you’re thinking. Powerbanks helloooo. I’m very unlucky when it comes to power banks. Three people in my life have all bought one for me, and I have lost all of them. They just disappear! And chargers too. I always leave chargers here and there and now, I’m using my maid’s one which she just whipped out from nowhere and says “Gak apa puan, saya ada lebih cas nya. Saya kasi puan.” In her stash she had like 2 more Samsung chargers. I’m starting to think she distributes them or something. -__-” But I needed the charger so I just took it and said “Yay, makasih” fading out any illegal distribution possibilities in my head.

So anyway, every night event I’m always phone-life-less and yesterday was not an exception. At Dean’s baby brother’s graduation, I was all excited to take photos of him but my phone wasn’t. Low battery. Hurry, go on Whatsapp and let people know your phone is dying so if there’s anything urgent call your husband. Ok done, now hurry, go on Instagram to see if you have any new notifications. Ok done, now hurry, let’s check what people posted up on Instagram. Ooohhh that looks yummy, which restaurant is that — ahhhh, phone completely shuts down. Can’t be. Press again, in case there is still 1% battery life left. Presssssss. Ok confirm phone died. And sigh.

 So I just sat back and ate. A lot.

Then on the way home, I talked to Dean. A lot. And I started noticing roads and cars and new buildings in town.

“Eh, has that building always been there?” followed by a Yes from Dean.

“Eh, which road are you taking? Is this our usual route home??” followed by a Yes from Dean.

“Eh, look now the number plates have letter followed by numbers and ends with a letter! How cool is that!!!” followed by a very bored Yes from Dean.


Both of us went “Wow”, shaking our heads at the same time.

Me, because I’m super amazed at the new number plate system.

Him, because he’s amazed at how addicted I am usually with my phone that I never look up to see the world.

Sometimes I guess it’s good if your phone dies for a while, huh?